Schneider Electric VarPlus CS Capacitor, 10-14 kVar, 415V, 50-60Hz

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Quick Overview

Product Type: Standard duty capacitor
Series name: EasyLogic PFC Capacitor
IP degree of protection: IP20
Type of installation: Indoor installation

Introducing the Schneider Electric VarPlus CS Capacitor, a high-performance solution for improving power factor and enhancing energy efficiency in your electrical systems. Engineered to ensure the efficient use of electricity, this capacitor is designed for various applications, making it a valuable asset for businesses and industries.


Key Features:

Power Factor Improvement: With a power rating of 10-14 kVar, this capacitor enhances the power factor of your electrical systems, leading to reduced energy costs and optimized performance.

Wide Voltage Compatibility: Designed to operate at 415V and compatible with 50-60Hz electrical systems, it suits a wide range of installations.

Energy Efficiency: Enhance energy efficiency, reduce energy wastage, and minimize losses in your electrical network.

High-Quality Construction: Schneider Electric is renowned for its high-quality electrical components, and this capacitor is no exception.

Reliable Performance: Ensure dependable and consistent performance in maintaining power factor and electrical efficiency.

Technical Specifications:

Rating: 10-14 kVar




Product or component typeStandard duty capacitor
Network frequency50/60 Hz
Series nameEasyLogic PFC Capacitor
Network harmonic content<= 10 %
Electrical parameters9.4 kvar 380 V 50 Hz
 11.3 kvar 380 V 60 Hz
 10.4 kvar 400 V 50 Hz
 12.5 kvar 400 V 60 Hz
 11.2 kvar 415 V 50 Hz
 13.5 kvar 415 V 60 Hz
Maximum permissible voltage1.1 x Un (8 hours over 24 hours)
continuous overcurrent capacity1.5 x In
Rated voltage380…415 V AC 50/60 Hz
dielectric losses< 0.2 W/kvar
Power losses< 0.5 W/kVAr
capacitance tolerance- 5 % to 10 %
Voltage test2.15 x Un AC between terminals for 10 s
 <= 660 V - 3 kV AC between terminal and container for 10 s
 >= 660 V - 6 kV AC between terminal and container for 10 s
inrush current200 x In
Maximum switching operation per year5000
Service life in hours100000 h
Dielectric materialMetallized polypropylene film with Zn/Al alloy,
Impregnation materialNon-PCB soft PUR resin
Type of installationIndoor installation
Connections - terminalsClampTite terminal
Mounting modeVertical
Diameter75 mm
height233 mm
Net weight1.2 kg
standardsIEC 60831-1
 IEC 60831-2
IP degree of protectionIP20
Operating altitude2000 m
Temperature classD
Ambient air temperature for operation-25…55 °C
Relative humidity95%



More Information
BrandSchneider Electric
Height [cm]23.3
Diameter [cm]7.5
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