Brinno PHV133012 55 PeepHole Viewer with Knocking Sensor

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Traditional Peephole from the Outside
3.0" TFT LCD Display on Inside
1.3MP CMOS Color Image Sensor
Single-Button Operation / Zoom Function

The Brinno PHV133012 55 PeepHole Viewer (12mm Barrel) includes a brightness enhancement to help you see who is at your door when it’s dark outside and a microSD card slot (supports up to 32 GB) for saving a picture of the visitor every time you turn on the peephole. It comes with a 3" LCD screen so you won't have to squint to see who is at your door or let them know that you are home (no shadow is cast when you are viewing the PHV133012 display). What’s more is that children can also view who’s at the door without having to struggle to reach the peephole. Additionally,it features a zoom option to view the visitor more carefully and takes a picture of your visitor in the zoom mode too.

The 55 PeepHole viewer comes with the option to add accessories – a knocking sensor or a motion sensor. The knocking sensor detects the vibration of someone knocking on your door and sends a signal to the peephole,which in turn takes a picture of the visitor. The pictures are saved on a microSD card,so once you reach home,you still get to see who visited you while you were out. The same goes for the optional motion sensor – you place a small motion detector outside your front door and when it senses movement, a signal is sent to the peephole to snap a picture.

Main Features:

Displays a clear image on 3" LCD panel on door without any fish-eye distortion

Fits any doors that are 35 to 57 mm thick

Equipped with a 1.3 MP CMOS sensor

Simple single-button operation

Pictures are taken every time the peephole is turned on

Zoom function for better facial recognition

Brightness enhancement button to view the visitor better at nighttime,when it's raining or any other time when light is limited

Optional accessories -- knocking sensor detects vibration of a knock on your door or the motion sensor detects movement outside your door and snaps a picture of the visitor.

Low-battery warning light flashes to advise change of batteries

Can be easily installed in 3 simple steps

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